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Cannot connect to server?
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Features & Server info
by: Admin | date : 01/04/2017
10/05/2017 - [Update] | Update
  • Crystal scroll Weapon A is now stuckable
  • Crystal scroll Armor A is now stuckable
  • Fixed wrong grade scroll enchantments
  • Ressists rescaled power
  • Archer and Dagger class Rebalanced (Consider as Part 3)
  • Lethal chance decreased
  • Fixed Drops of Antharas
  • Antharas is now more easy to kill
  • Bless Body Item Skill fixed
  • Grand Bosses now announce their death or spawn
  • Baium now will turn to stone after 2hours not 30 minutes
  • Frintezza implementation finish (check server info for more)
  • Updated system files for those who see black images download
  • Boss Status NPC now show Frintezza
  • Gatekeeper has a new teleport to Frintezza
29/04/2017 - [Update] | Update
  • Crystal scrolls now can reach enchant level of +20
  • Shops Buy/Sell can now be created only in center of Giran(Photo)
  • Olympiad rankings now updated every 5 minutes
  • Olympiad rankings now contain Points, Games, Wins (Photo)
  • Improved protection on website
  • Fixed PCBang Point Accessories price
  • Dual Boxes in Olympiad will not get any points
  • Enchant system rescale:
    • Armors/Jewels
      • Normal 80% Crystals on Fail
      • Blessed 80% Stay same level enchant on Fail
      • Crystal 100% Stay same level enchant on Fail
    • Weapons
      • Normal 80% Crystals on Fail
      • Blessed 80% Stay same level enchant on Fail
      • Crystal 100% Stay same level enchant on Fail
27/04/2017 - [Update] |
  • Addition of Clans in statistics
  • Addition of Hero Message in statistics
  • Fix null players while in offline shop on statistics
  • Fixed null players when they are banned on statistics
  • Reduced max characters on hero message
  • Addition of Recommendation item (255) on Vote reward
  • Elven Ruins & Elven Fortress are now smaller
  • Addition of Blessed Scroll Zone
  • Addition of Crystall Enchant Scrolls
  • Addition of Blessed Scroll Zone
23/04/2017 - [Update] |
  • Subclasses now need 76 level
  • Scheme buffer max scheme buffs is now 24(More client crash)
  • PCBang Points implemented to NPC's
  • Heal no longer aplies in Bosses
  • Confirmation dialog for skill enchant above 15
  • After a match in Olympiad skill cooldowns return to zero
  • Balance (Consider as Part II)
    • Backstab, Lethal Blow Damage/Chance, Deadly Blow
    • Archer Skill Stunning Shot Chance Balanced
    • SpS Skill Cancellation Reuse Fixed
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